The End

Well, all of the pictures of items from the Cunningham house have now been posted. Since only half of the six siblings have managed to make it on to the site to voice their wants, here are my next steps. I am going to make a CD of all of the pictures of the items. I will send a separate CD to David, Carol and Ruth. In a letter accompanying the CD I will let them know that they now have until August 31st to let me know if they want any of the items. They will have to send me, by email or snail mail, a list of the items they want with the exact item number (which is attached to each picture on the CD.) To make things easy and exact I will not take vague descriptions, item names or phone calls. As I get these lists, if I get any, I will update the website with their desires. Please feel free to go through your choices again and add, change or remove items from your wish lists. I will continue to update from the comments.

Once August 31st has passed I will start distributing the items as follows: I will make the ultimate decision as to who gets the item if there is more than one person requesting something. My feeling is that if someone only wants a dozen items and another family member wants hundreds of items, then the item will go to the one who only wants a dozen. If someone wants an item and another family member has said they may be interested in it, the item will go to the one who said they definitely want it. I will try to be as fair as possible.

The letter will also state that there are only two ways to receive your items. I am willing to ship smaller items and some of the less fragile items but whoever I am shipping to will have to reimburse me for the cost of shipping. I ship every week with my eBay sales anyway so it will be easy to just add a few extra boxes. The second way to get your items is once I have let you know that your items are sorted and ready you can come to our house and pick them up. Allowing me the time to presort the items will be faster and easier for everyone. I am going to try and do this as quickly as I can with the goal of finishing this up by Thanksgiving at the latest.

Anything left over that no one has spoken for will be mine to do with as I will. Most of the items will either be sold on eBay (with the proceeds – minus my usual fee – going to Dad), donated to a local charity or traded (most of the non claimed books) for credit. Hopefully you all know that I am trying to be as fair and honest about this as possible. If you have any suggestions I haven’t thought of I’d be glad to hear them. As long as they don’t complicate the process I’m always open to better ideas.